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Nails, callus and corn treatment - Podiatrist near Wadhurst

Routine Footcare

Maintenance of your feet through regular nail care, plus the removal of painful callus,  and corns to help keep you mobile and your feet healthy.

Foot assessment and diagnosis - verrucae, fungal nail diabetes

Assessment & Diagnosis

Neurological, vascular and diabetes foot assessments, plus specialist MSK and gait observations. Qualified diagnosis and explanation of foot related conditions.

Treatment for toes, feet, nails and all conditions of the foot

Treatment & Surgery

A wide range of treatments and surgery options are offered depending upon the condition diagnosed, focusing upon conservative treatments where possible.


Reflexology is a technique that through the application of gentle pressure to your feet it aims to help the body's own healing processes and also bring about a state of general relaxation. It may be seen as working in similar way to acupressure and acupuncture. 

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