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Reflexology in Mayfield

Reflexology in Mayfield

Imagine your feet (or hands, or ears!) as mini maps of your entire body. By gently pressing specific points on these maps, reflexologists believe they can stimulate organs and systems far away. It's like a touch-based acupressure for your feet.

Key points:

  • Gentle pressure: Think relaxing massage, not deep tissue work.

  • Map theory: Specific areas on hands/feet correspond to specific organs/systems.

  • Stress relief and wellbeing: Many people find reflexology helps them relax and feel better overall.

  • Not a cure-all: While some research shows potential benefits, it's not a replacement for medical care.

Think of it this way: If you're looking for a relaxing, potentially beneficial touch therapy, reflexology might be worth a try. But remember, it's not a magic bullet for every ailment.

Based at Mayfield Podiatry, Nikki Quitmann has been a Reflexologist for 30 years & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist for 10 years.


For more information on the service DM Nikki on Instagram  #headtotoetherapyuk or message her on 07974 392522. Alternatively book using our online system.

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